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About us

Breidenbach is an injection moulder that specialises in processing soft plastics such as thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) and soft PVCs.

We produce 24 hours a day, on over 40 machines for a wide variety of industries, such as the sealing industry, plumbing industry, toys and tools.

We produce soft components from thermoplastic materials. We supply materials to manufacturers in all of Europe and have been a household name in the plastics and sealing industry for over 60 years.

Breidenbach is a plastic injection moulder, dedicated to processing soft plastics, such as thermoplastic rubber (TPEs) and soft PVC. This sets us apart from traditional sealing factories, who mainly use elastomers (rubber) as base material.

We process over 750,000 kilograms of soft materials a year, making us one of the largest TPE injection moulders in Europe. We use almost 300 different types of material, which vary in hardness, flexibility, temperature resistance and/or chemical resistance.

The advantages of TPE
Products made from TPE can be produced using injection moulds, and do not have to be vulcanised or refinished – making the process faster, cleaner, more efficient and thus cheaper.

In addition, TPEs are very pure construction materials and we maintain total control over the substances and plasticisers they contain. This allows us to meet all requirements set by the Directive on PAH or the Directive on Elastomers, for example.

Read more on the various types of TPEs we use.

The advantages of a specialist
Our wide experience and close collaboration with material developers and knowledge institutes enables us to provide you with support in finding the right materials. In doing so, we have access to materials and knowledge that most injection moulders lack.

Though soft components often only form a small part of the total product, they can often determine direction in terms of technical challenges for the end product.

If you involve us in your development at an early stage, we will be able to find the best solution for the entire product like no other.

What sets us apart as a specialist:

  • Innovative mould concepts enable us to demould ‘impossible products’.
  • Our knowledge of materials enables us to implement TPEs for applications that others might not even consider.
  • Our large volumes in TPEs allow us to offer you great prices.
  • We use our very own mould factory to be able to offer prompt reactions and make sample moulds for testing.

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