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Our factory has over 40 injection mould machines, varying in size from 22 tonnes to 350 tonnes of closing force, enabling us to make products ranging from 0.5 grams to around 1.4 kilograms in weight.

Our production is extremely automated, allowing us to have all machinery run 24 hours a day with only a limited amount of people. For example, our granulated material is automatically sent from a central location to the machines through vacuum tubes. The colouring agent is mixed in directly in the machines, minimising the loss of material when changing colours.

Combining flexibility and efficiency
We are able to process both small and large production series, from small series of just a few hundred units to series of more than a million units. Our machinery is very flexible and universal, enabling us to easily shift among various processes.

All machines are linked to our ERP system, so that we can always check live production statuses. The feedback to our planning department enables us to plan assignments efficiently and just-in-time, with a wide variety in production.

Click on this video link to get an impression of our production.

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