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Mould construction

Breidenbach disposes over a complete mould factory and construction department, enabling us to realise your project quickly and efficiently. Maintenance and repairs can thus also be handled promptly in our own company, preventing any large delays in your deliveries.

Moulds for soft plastics and 2-components
Our mould construction department has extensive experience in making moulds for soft plastic components. We also make moulds for 2-component products ourselves.

With materials like TPE or soft PVC, mould concepts have to be structured differently from those of technical plastics. If a mould for a soft plastic product is poorly designed, it can have all kinds of unforeseen effects on production – resulting in possible malfunctions, whereby for example a mould can only be produced manually.

We can guarantee an efficient production of soft materials and optimise the lifespan of moulds. For some materials such as soft PVC, we use high-quality types of steel, so that the mould’s surface area is not affected by the material. This extends the lifespan and maintains constant high quality of the products.
Multi-part moulds
Producing soft products in large, multi-part moulds also involves certain challenges. We have extensive experience making 8, 16 or 32-part moulds.

Have us calculate whether a multi-part mould would be beneficial to your project, and contact us for an interview, free of charge.
Are you in search of a product, but is investment the only problem? At Breidenbach, moulds are a means, and not an end. That is why we try to save on costs for you through the use of clever mould concepts.

Simple products, such as small, smooth-surfaced seals, can for example be integrated in prototypes. In that case, you won’t have to invest in a complete mould, but would only have to cover the costs of the shaping plates. This could save you up to 75% on mould costs.

For small seals (up to around Ø 30mm), we have a concept where we can even use 8 to 14-faced prototypes. That will give you low investments and low product prices!
Making impossible shapes possible
Over the past decades, Breidenbach has come up with and tested many innovative mould concepts, with which ‘impossible products’ have become a reality.

For example, we can use our fully automated work method to reshape ‘hollow’ products such as gaiters and rubber bands for toys. We have no need for human labour in these complex products, allowing us to supply large amounts for great low prices.

Does your old supplier think your product cannot be made? Contact us to see what kind of options we can offer. Or ask about any related products we have already realised.

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