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Breidenbach is an injection moulder that specialises in processing soft plastic products. We do so in over 40 injection mould machines.

Our core skill is in soft materials for seals or other components. When you face the challenge of developing a product in which soft components are processed, we are the best partner in development you could go for.

From idea to complete product
We can take on and realise products from the very first concept stage. With our own product and mould designers and a complete mould factory, we can deliver turn-key products.

Our years of experience have given us a unique outlook on product design. We can take an integral approach to your product, have a solution-oriented thought process and often provide better solutions for your total concept. Especially in terms of soft components, we offer solutions no one else even deems possible.

In addition, we can optimise product designs for production from plastics. We provide support to developers with insufficient experience in designing for injection moulds. Our structural engineers can evaluate and process your product, so that you can trust that your product is perfectly ‘makeable’.

Mould construction
At our own location in Linsengericht-Birkenhain, we have our own mould factory at our disposal. We develop moulds for our clients with around 12 experienced professionals.

Having this on location enables us to meet your needs promptly and flexibly. Mould alterations or repairs can be done more quickly, allowing us to guarantee higher usability and lifespan for our moulds.

In larger projects, we collaborate with external mould constructors and developers. Based on experience and our own views, we have chosen to have our moulds manufactured in Germany or the Netherlands. In moulds, ‘a good bargain is a pickpurse’.

To find out more about why we should be the ones to make your mould, contact us for an inspiring meeting.

Assembly & logistics
At Breidenbach, we go beyond just injection moulding products. We have a large-scale assembly department, where we can assemble, print and package products both manually and in a fully automated process.

Depending on your needs, we will look at the best possible options and locations to manufacture your product. In addition to our location in Linsengericht, we also have locations in Wuppertal (Germany) and Barneveld (the Netherlands) where we offer assembly and packaging facilities.

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