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Technical plastics

Breidenbach processes all common technical plastics, ranging from common PP, PE and PA to high-quality performance plastics such as PA 4.6, PPS and PEEK.

Are you looking for a partner with experience in various plastics who can provide support in selecting the right material?

Breidenbach is quite unique when it comes to the abundance of materials we process. There is almost no material we do not have experience with.

This allows us to help you choose the best material in an objective manner, often in close collaboration with material manufacturers. We look at what is best for your application, taking both technical properties and price into account.

Ask our material experts for advice on your product.

High-quality plastics
If with your application, you want to push the limits of material technology, you will most likely end up with so-called engineering plastics. These are plastics that are extremely strong, or very heat-resistant, for example.

Processing these high-quality plastics requires knowledge, experience and often special equipment. At Breidenbach, we process various hi-tech plastics such as PEEK and PPS, and we are even one of Europe’s largest processors of PA 4.6. We use this material for applications including those in the automobile industry.

Typical applications for these high-quality plastics are components that used to be made from metal, or applications in which high pressure and temperatures can occur.

Let us explore the options of engineering plastics for your products together. Ask one of our experienced engineers to think along with you in your choice of materials.

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