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TPS (Styrene-Block-Copolymer) is the most common type of thermoplastic elastomer. TPEs usually refer to SBS or SEBS-based styrene block copolymers.

TPS is a versatile substance, made in all kinds of qualities and varieties. SBS-based TPS is one of the most inexpensive types of TPE. We process this material for price-based applications, such as ladder feet, vibration dampers or simple static seals.

Quantitatively, SEBS-based TPSs form the largest group of thermoplastic elastomers. These TPS varieties offer an excellent price/performance ratio, and can be used in many applications.

Depending on the exact composition of TPS-SEBS, the material can withstand many different media (with the exception of oil) and can also be processed in multi-component injection moulds.

Breidenbach processes hundreds of tonnes of TPS-SEBS a year, in dozens of types and quality levels. This is especially in sealing applications, but also includes soft-grip applications and products exposed to UV rays.

Typical properties of TPSs are:

  • Temperature reach: -60°C to +100°C
  • Hardness: 10 Shore A to 70 Shore D
  • Oil resistance: mediocre
  • Acid resistance: good
  • Base resistance: good
  • Deterioration (ozone) resistance: good

TPS materials can be altered to acquire specific properties. Ask our material specialists for a consult on your project.

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