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TPV (Thermoplastic vulcanisate) is a blend of a polyolefin-based plastic (mostly PP) and an elastomer such as for example EPDM. In contrast to TPO, the elastomer in TPV is crosslinked, or vulcanised.

The vulcanisation of the elastomers in TPV mean that the mechanical properties of TPV come closest to those of traditional rubber. This can mainly be seen in its excellent compression properties. TPV also has above-average temperature resistance, making it perfect for static and semi-dynamic seals, which require a low compression set and for which SEBS-based TPSs are insufficient in terms of temperature.

Typical properties of TPV are:

  • Temperature reach: -50°C to +145°C
  • Hardness: 35 Shore A – 50 Shore D
  • Oil resistance: moderate
  • Acid resistance: excellent
  • Base resistance: excellent
  • Deterioration (ozone) resistance: excellent

Are you looking for a TPE with good mechanical properties, temperature resistance and the option to be processed in 2-component injection moulds? Allow us to show you the options TPV offers. Ask us about our reference projects and contact one of our item specialists.

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