There are numerous soft thermoplastics on the market and their application possibilities seem endless.

On our website, we describe the six main basic types of thermoplastic elastomers plus soft PVC that we use.


TPC (Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer) is a block copolymer on a copolyester base.

If you are looking for a very versatile material that is tough, flexible and also has good resistance to high temperatures, then a TPC may be your solution.

TPC is used in dynamic applications where a longer constant flexibility is required, such as applications where material is continuously bent.

TPC has high strength, making it resistant to damage. Another advantage is that TPC can be coated, making it ideal for design applications.

Typical properties of TPC are:

  • Temperature application range: -55°C to +160°C
  • Hardness: 80 Shore A tot 70 Shore D
  • Resistance to oils: very good
  • Resistance to acids: reasonable
  • Resistance to alkalis: moderate
  • Resistance to ageing (ozone): good

TPC for your application?

TPC materials come in several varieties. Depending on the requirements of the material, they have a wide range of specific properties. Contact our material specialists for the right choice of material for your project.

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