There are numerous soft thermoplastics on the market and their application possibilities seem endless.
On our website, we describe the six main basic types of thermoplastic elastomers plus soft PVC that we use.


TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is a thermoplastic elastomer based on polyurethane.

If you need a material that is highly abrasion-resistant and oil-resistant, TPU is a good choice.

TPU is a commonly used material for applications in hydraulics and pneumatics. This is due not only to its excellent resistance to mineral oils and greases, but also to its very good mechanical properties.

Above all, the tensile properties of TPU are particularly suitable for applications under high stress. Since it also has very good wear properties, TPU is the standard for semi-dynamic and dynamic seals.

Since TPU can be processed cost-effectively through injection moulding technology, TPU offers distinct advantages over thermoset elastomers.

TPU is available from approx. 60 Shore A.

Typical properties of TPU are:

  • Temperature application range: -60°C to +110°C
  • Hardness: 60 Shore A tot 80 Shore D
  • Resistance to oils: very good
  • Resistance to acids: reasonable
  • Resistance to alkalis: moderate
  • Resistance to ageing (ozone): very good

TPU for your application?

TPU materials are available in many varieties and have different specific properties. Contact our material specialists for advice tailored to your project.

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