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Are you looking for handlebars/grips for tools, bicycles or carts? And do you want a great product with beautiful finishing and a good grip?

Breidenbach specialises in processing soft plastics. We produce handlebars and grips for tools, made from thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and soft PVC.

As handlebars and grips often have prolonged contact with human skin, they have to meet strict requirements in terms of contents. We select good, clean materials so we can guarantee that your product meets all legal requirements (such as REACH, PAHs etc.).

In addition, the right selection of materials also enables us to give your product the perfect look and feel. This will add value to your product without adding extra costs.

You can also count on Breidenbach for 2-component products, so that we can for example also give your handlebars a soft-grip.

Allow us to think along with you on the design and choice of materials for your handlebars and together, we can take your product to a higher level. So contact one of our designers or material experts today!

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