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Other industries

Breidenbach has developed a number of innovative moulding techniques, enabling us to use almost fully automated production to make hollow products such as gaiters. This has enabled us like no other to make large amounts of gaiters from thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) or soft PVC using injection moulding.

That has given us a lot of freedom in terms of materials, and we can therefore offer a perfect price/quality ratio.
TPE Products
Breidenbach specialises in processing thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).

We process over 750,000 kilograms of TPE a year, making us one of the largest independent processors of this type of plastics.

Products made from TPE can be produced using injection moulds, and do not have to be vulcanised or refinished – making the process faster, cleaner, more efficient and thus cheaper.

TPEs are combinations of polymers and elastomers and come in thousands of varieties. We can help you find the right TPE for your application.

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