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Sealing industry

Breidenbach is a partner for the sealing industry.

As a specialist in thermoplastic elastomers, Breidenbach has years of experience in developing and producing seals. These have uses including those in drainage products, machinery and light fixtures.

Our experience with TPE and our close collaboration with material suppliers has shown us the options and limitations of TPE. Together, we can look at the best combination of materials and design. That way, we can select a material that meets your wishes and needs.

For more information on the various materials we process for seals, look under Materials for an overview.

Large and small series
Every day, we produce over 500,000 parts and can meet any large orders. But Breidenbach also offers small and medium-sized series. We can make a mould for an ingenious prototype concept for a relatively low amount, lowering the threshold for injection moulding and meaning that you can also come to us for smaller amounts.

Ask about the options and Breidenbach can be a partner for all your sealing needs.

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