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Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are very frequently used in the toys industry. Breidenbach has produced soft components for the toys industry for over 40 years.

Materials used in children’s toys are subjected to strict requirements. Soft plastics in particular, which contain plasticisers, undergo very strict checks. Breidenbach knows the market well and works closely with its European material suppliers, so that we can guarantee that the materials we use contain no toxic substances.

Years ago, Breidenbach came up with a process for making the rubber bands for toy cars hollow, making them more realistic and much less expensive. Now, Breidenbach produces millions of TPE bands per year.

Our expertise:

  • TPE bands for toy cars and model making
  • Thermoplastic elastomers and soft PVC following the EN71 requirements
  • Special demoulding techniques and contours
  • Printing on and refinishing soft materials
  • Assembly and packaging of sub-assemblies

To find out more on the options Breidenbach offers for development and production for the toys industry, contact one of our specialists for an illustrative meeting.

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