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Are you looking for a product that can dampen vibrations? Do you need a solution for preventing sound transmission? Or vibration as a result of oscillation?

Damping basically means converting kinetic energy (such as vibrations) into another form of energy. The damping power of thermoplastic rubber can be explained through internal dampening. When pressure is exerted on TPE, it causes friction among the molecules. This way, the molecules are warmed up and the kinetic energy is converted into heat.

Breidenbach can use soft materials to provide a solution for damping elements. We select a suitable material based on the uses and environmental factors such as temperature, electricity or media.

TPE changes shape differently when pressured than when it goes back to its original shape. That is why, in selecting our material, we mainly look at the compression set and creep as the most important properties of TPE.

Because TPE is processed through injection moulding, we can offer you a wide range of shapes. That means that in almost any situation, we can incorporate a layer of damping material into a product. In this process, our structural engineers can oversee the entire design for you.

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