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Do you need thermal insulation for a product or installation? Or are you looking for material that insulates energy? Or do you need a solution for acoustic insulation?

Or are you looking for the opposite, where you need material to transfer heat or energy?

As a specialist in soft material processing, Breidenbach is the best choice for tackling these challenges. We process soft plastics, such as thermoplastic elastomers, which are perfect for use as insulation.

Thermic insulation
To select the right material for thermic insulation, we look at the thermal conductivity of each material. This is a constant that indicates how well a certain type of material conducts heat. The more poorly a material conducts heat, the better it is for insulation. That means: the lower the constant, the better the insulation power of the material.

Electric insulation
In electric insulation, we look at the material’s electrical resistivity. This is expressed in Ω·mm2/m. If you are looking for a product to insulate energy or electrostatic charges, we will find a TPE with a very high resistivity value.

If you need a rubbery material that can still conduct energy, we can fill TPEs with conduction particles like graphite or copper.

Contact our material specialists and together, you can find the best solution for your product.

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