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Are you looking for a soft grip for your product? Do you need to improve the surface features of your product, making it easier to handle?

Then thermoplastic elastomers are the best material for the job.

We can achieve any shape as we do injection moulding on TPEs. We use a 2-component technique to combine hard and soft to reach the perfect balance of stability and grip.

No toxic contents
With TPEs, we can also easily meet all norms regarding toxic contents such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). These substances form in cases of for example unchecked heating of materials, and are often not permitted in products that have to be held for longer periods of time. Certain plasticisers can also contain PAHs.

TPEs usually do not contain any PAHs and when correctly processed, no PAHs will arise.

Do you want to give your product a soft grip to create a nice and safe product? Contact one of Breidenbach’s experienced specialists.

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