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Compression set and creep

The compression set indicates the extent to which a material has been permanently reshaped after having been compressed for a period of time and then released.

The compression set is mostly an important value for (semi)dynamic seals. If a seal does not sufficiently return to its original state following compression, it will negatively impact the sealing.

The compression set of thermoplastic elastomers can differ widely under different temperatures. It strongly depends on the temperature resistance of the thermoplastic component in the TPE.

Creep is the permanent reshaping that occurs when pressure is exerted on a material. This is different from the compression set, as creep can also occur under stable conditions.

Creep is especially important for static seals, as static seals undergo constant pressure when they are sealed. This sealing will be threatened if the material is permanently reshaped, causing it to offer increasingly less counter pressure.

Are you in search of a product whereby the compression set of the material is an important factor? Do you wonder whether TPEs have the right properties for your product’s intended use? Have us evaluate your product. In addition to the right selection of materials, we can also effect major changes through minor changes to the design.

Within the various types of TPE, there are many large differences in compression set and creep. We therefore recommend that you have us select the right type of TPE for your product – make use of our experience.



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