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Durability and Friction

Are you looking for durable material? Or are you looking for material that slides easily, or perhaps one that does not?

The sliding and wear and tear properties of soft plastics are partially determined by the surface structure of the product, and partially determined by the physical properties of the material. By playing with both of these properties, we can provide solutions that exactly fit your wishes and needs.

Certain materials like TPU and soft PVC have especially strong properties in terms of durability. TPU is therefore often used for dynamic seals, and soft PVC is used in carpeting in which durability is the most important criterion.

Other materials have better sliding properties. These properties can however be increased or reduced through additives. Adding a silicone batch or PTFE additives can significantly improve the sliding properties of some types of TPE types.

Involve us in your design process at an early stage and let us think along with you in the selection of your materials. Our specialism and years of experience will allow us to optimise your product. So contact one of our material experts today!



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