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Temperature resistance

Will your product be around high temperatures? Do you want to know the options we have for TPE in those uses?

TPEs are thermoplastic elastomers. Thermoplastic means that TPEs melt at a certain temperature, and that they revert to their original properties when cooled. These thermoplastic properties mean that there is a limit to the use of TPEs in high temperatures.

There are, however, many types that can be used sustainably at 140°C or even 170°C. This depends on which polymers are combined with which elastomers. TPEs can also be used in temperatures below zero.

Let us help you take a look at the options of TPE for your product. In addition to temperature, we take all other factors into account as well, such as mechanical properties and chemical resistance. We achieve the best results when we are involved in the development process as early as possible.



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