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TPE options

TPEs can be processed as normal plastics. We produce components from TPE with the use of injection moulding, but extrusion or blow moulding are also among the options. This allows us to produce a very wide range of shapes.

The flexible properties of TPE also allow us to make semi-hollow products, which would not be possible with conventional injection moulds.

Over the past decades, we developed many innovative mould concepts. This has enabled us like no other to make products otherwise thought unmakeable. Before focusing on the limitations, first ask us about the options.

Multi-component injection moulds
Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs) offer the advantage of the ability to be directly connected with other plastics during one and the same production process. This usually involves a hard/soft connection.
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Fire resistance/ flame retardants
Are you looking for a seal or soft component for which requirements have been set for fire resistance properties, such as in electronic applications or construction products?
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ESD-safe / Insulation
Rubber-like TPEs are very good insulators and are often used in electric applications. It is however also possible to make TPEs ESD-safe with conductive fillers.
Are you looking for a soft material in which insulation is an important criterion?
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