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ESD-safe & Insulation

Rubber-like TPEs are very good insulators and are often used in electric applications. It is however also possible to make TPEs ESD-safe with conductive fillers.

Are you looking for a soft material in which insulation is an important criterion?

TPEs are compositions of thermoplastics and elastomers. Depending on the combination of these materials and the exact compositions, the dielectric values of a TPE may differ. Materials with very good insulation properties are certain types of soft PVC. Depending on the type, they can reach dielectric values of up to approx. 11 kV/mm.

Are you looking for a material that does conduct electricity?

We can create conductive properties by filling TPEs with conductive filler. Depending on the amount of filler and the objective, we can achieve a number of effects:

When the material is made to be mildly electrically conductive, it prevents the product from static charge. This can easily be done by adding an anti-static batch, or by altering the compound.

If the material has to be fully electrically conductive with low resistance, many conductive types of filler are added. These are usually carbon fibres or soot particles. In special cases, copper fibres are also compounded into the material.

If insulation or conductivity is important for your application, it is important to contact us at an early stage. We can offer you guidance in the selection of your materials, but also in other important design decisions that can affect the product’s dielectric properties.

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