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Multi-component injection moulds

Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs) offer the advantage of the ability to be directly connected with other plastics during one and the same production process. This usually involves a hard/soft connection.

Breidenbach has years of experience in connecting multiple materials within one product. 2-component injection moulding can have various goals:

Connecting two components in an injection mould can allow you to skip an assembly action, taking out a production step, and saving on costs.

Using a second colour in injection moulding can add the option to include text or signs. This information can be added to a product right away, without needing extra actions such as printing, for example.

An extra component can serve as a seal between other components. Painting this component also means not having to add an extra seal. This also makes the connection between the soft and hard component waterproof and airtight, significantly reducing chances of leakage.

Surface features/ergonomics: using multi-component injection moulds, we can create a soft-grip or rubber-like look and feel for a product. This allows us to provide products with added value. A variety in colours also allows us to make personalised product varieties.

To find out more on the options Breidenbach offers for 2-component injection mould products, contact our specialists and see what we can do for your product.

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