Breidenbach has an innovative, internal construction department and also a full-size mould-making department. This means that your project can be realised quickly and efficiently. Maintenance and minor repairs can be carried out quickly in-house, saving you unnecessary waiting times.

Injection moulds

Our mould manufacturing department has extensive experience in the production of injection moulds for soft plastic parts. Moulds for 2-component injection moulding are also made at Breidenbach in Germany.

For materials such as TPE or soft PVC, the mould concept is not the same as for engineering plastics. We are experienced in both fields. If a mould is not properly designed for soft plastics, all kinds of unexpected side effects can occur during production. These can lead to malfunctions that prevent production from continuing or only very inefficiently.

We guarantee efficient production and can optimise the life of your mould. For some materials, such as soft PVC or fibre-filled materials, we use higher-grade steel to prevent the surface of the injection mould from being damaged. This extends the life of the mould and ensures that the quality of the product remains at a consistently high level.

Multiple moulds

The production of soft products in multiple moulds presents a number of challenges. We have a lot of experience in designing and building moulds with 8, 16 or 32 cavities.

We can calculate whether a multiple mould makes sense for your project and contact us for non-binding consultation.

Master moulds

You have a product, but investing in your own mould is a barrier? We aim to save costs for you as a customer with our intelligent moulding concepts.

For example, we can integrate simple products such as small seals into a master mould. In this case, it is not necessary to invest in a completely new mould. You will then only buy the moulding plates, which can save up to 75%.

For flat gaskets (up to approx. Ø60mm), we have developed a very innovative concept in which we can even use 32-cavity moulds. This allows you to benefit from a low investment, and also from extremely attractive product prices!

Making the impossible possible

In the past decades, Breidenbach has developed many innovative mould concepts, in which seemingly ‘impossible products’ have been realised together with the customer.

Hollow products such as bellows and toy tyres can be deformed fully automatically, allowing large numbers of products to be offered at attractive prices.

If you consider your product a challenge, it’s worth contacting us. Let us convince you of the various possibilities. Or ask us for reference products that we have already realised in this area.

Production capacity

  • 50 T Vertical Machine
  • 2K Injection Molding
  • High performance plastics
  • 20 – 650 T clamp force
  • 0.5 – 1500 grams shot weight

Why De Beer Breidenbach?

  • Speed and flexibility through in-house design and in-house mold making
  • Expertise in bioplastics and engineering plastics
  • Large capacity with over 60 injection molding machines in 24-hour production at 2 locations
  • IATF 16949 certified (automotive)
  • One-stop assembly and processing
    including printing, packaging

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