Soft Plastics

Pushing the boundaries of soft plastics is Breidenbach’s mission. This starts with having an idea of where these boundaries actually are. Even today, much more is possible than most customers realise!


TPE possibilities

We produce TPE products applying the injection moulding process. Our various manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce a flexible range of shapes.

Thanks to the flexible properties of TPE, we can also produce hollow products that would not be possible with conventional injection moulding technology.

In the past decades, we have developed many innovative mould concepts. Like no other manufacturer, we are able to realise the seemingly technically impossible. So before you are constrained in your decision, ask us about the production possibilities.

Multi-component injection moulding

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) have the advantage that they can be bonded to other plastics during a production process. In most cases, this is a hard-soft bond. Reference to page “2K injection moulding.

2K-Injection moulding

Sealing technology

You want to create a seal for your product, but you are not sure whether soft plastics are an option? Do you doubt that the temperature resistance is guaranteed? Does your seal come into contact with certain chemicals or foodstuffs?

We can help you find the right solution.

We take into account not only the choice of material, but also the geometry of the seal. It is extremely important to take these elements into account when developing a seal. After all, at this stage, you still have the freedom to design the best solution for your product.

Sealing technology


Applications of soft plastics


Damping basically means the conversion of kinetic energy (e.g. vibrations) into another form of energy. The damping effect of thermoplastic rubber is achieved by internal damping.

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Insulating or conducting

Do you want thermal insulation for a product or installation? Are you looking for a material that insulates electricity? Or are you looking for a soundproofing solution?

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Are you looking for a soft grip for your product? Or do you want to improve the handling feel? Then thermoplastic elastomers are just the right material.

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Impact protection

Do you want to protect your product against bumps, drops or scratches? Could a soft plastic possibly help you with that?

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