Are you looking for a soft grip for your product? Or do you want to improve the handling feel?

Then thermoplastic elastomers are just the right material.

No harmful contents

With TPEs, we can easily meet all guidelines for harmful ingredients, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). These substances are formed when materials are heated in an uncontrolled manner and are only permitted to a very limited extent in products that are held in the hand for long periods.

TPE does not contain PAHs at its base and if processed correctly, they will not be created.

Because TPE can be processed by injection moulding, we can realise almost any desired shape. Using 2-component technology allows us to combine hard and soft materials to create a perfect combination of stability and grip.

Do you want to provide your product with a soft grip and at the same time design a beautiful, safe product? Then contact the experienced specialists at Breidenbach!