Damping basically means the conversion of kinetic energy (e.g. vibrations) into another form of energy.

The damping effect of thermoplastic rubber is achieved by internal damping. When TPE is compressed, the molecules rub against each other. This heats up the molecules; the kinetic energy is converted into heat.

Breidenbach offers you a solution for damping elements by processing soft materials. Depending on your application and relevant factors such as temperature, electricity and the medium, we select the optimal material for your product.

TPE grades behave differently when compressed or when they return to their original shape. This is why we pay attention to the compression set when choosing a material.

As we process TPE by means of injection moulding, we can offer a great freedom of shape. This means that a damping insert can almost always be incorporated into a product. Our in-house designers are happy to assist you with the design.