Insulating or conducting

Do you want thermal insulation for a product or installation? Are you looking for a material that insulates electricity? Or are you looking for a soundproofing solution? Maybe you need the exact opposite, and the material needs to transfer heat or power properly?

As a specialist in processing soft plastics, Breidenbach is the ideal development partner for challenges just like these. We process soft plastics, such as thermoplastic elastomers, which are excellent for use as insulators.

Thermal Insulation

When selecting thermal insulation materials, we pay attention to the thermal conductivity. This is a material constant that indicates how well a material conducts. The lower the values, the better a material insulates. The following applies: the lower the constant, the more suitable the material.

Electric Insulation

The choice of electric insulation materials is based on the resistance of the material of the same type (resistivity). This is specified in Ω-mm2. If you are looking for a product that needs to insulate current or electrostatic charges, we look for the TPE with extremely high dielectric strength.

You want rubbery material, but it has to be conductive? Then we offer you a TPE filled with graphite, stainless steel fibres or copper particles.