Processing of soft plastics

De Beer Breidenbach is specialised in the production of products from soft plastics, such as thermoplastic rubbers (TPEs) and soft PVC.

We process more than 1,000,000 kg of soft materials annually. Moreover, we use more than 350 different types of materials. These types differ from each other in hardness, flexibility, temperature resistance or chemical resistance.

The benefit of a specialist

Our extensive experience and intensive cooperation with material developers and research institutes enable us to support you in your choice of material. In addition, we have access to materials and knowledge that most injection moulding companies do not have.

Although soft components are usually only a small part of the overall product, it is often these components that pose the greatest technical challenges to the final product. If you involve us early in the development process of your article, we are better placed than anyone else to develop the best solution for the entire product.

What makes us the specialist:

  • Innovative mould concepts make it possible to produce “impossible” products.
  • Thanks to our knowledge of materials, we can also offer TPE for demanding and complicated application areas.
  • Due to our scale advantage in the TPE sector, we can offer you attractive prices.
  • Our internal mould manufacturing guarantees fast response times, and test moulds can be made without any problems for testing purposes.


Our soft products are used in various industries:

  • Sealing technology
  • Automotive
  • Sanitary
  • Medical / Hearing protection
  • Toy store
  • Tools
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Construction
  • Packaging
  • Agrotech


  • 50 T vertikale Maschine
  • 2K Spritzguss
  • Hochleistungskunststoffen
  • 20 – 650 T Schließkraft
  • 0,5 – 1500 gr. Schussgewicht

Warum De Beer Breidenbach?

  • Durch innovative Werkzeugkonzepte sind wir in der Lage, „unmögliche“ Produkte trotzdem möglich zu machen.
  • Aufgrund unseres Materialwissens können wir TPE dort einsetzen, wo andere sich das nicht zutrauen.
  • Mithilfe unserer Größenvorteile im TPE-Bereich können wir Ihnen attraktive Preise anbieten.
  • Unser eigener Formenbau garantiert schnelle Reaktionszeiten, problemlos können Musterformen für Testzwecke erstellt werden.

Eine Auswahl unserer Produkte

Emissionsfreie, CO2-neutrale Fertigung und Biokunststoffe tragen zu einer besseren Zukunft für unseren Planeten bei. Unternehmen, die ihre ‘Supply Chain’ nachhaltiger machen möchten, finden in De Beer Breidenbach einen erfahrenen Partner.

Setzen Sie sich mit Ihrem Spezialisten in Verbindung

Davis Ritzerfeld
Accountmanager OEM De Beer Breidenbach