There are numerous soft thermoplastics on the market and their application possibilities seem endless.

On our website, we describe the six main basic types of thermoplastic elastomers plus soft PVC that we use.


TPA (Thermoplastic Polyether Polyamide) is a special block polymer based on polyamide.

A characteristic of TPA is that it contains no plasticisers and the material remains flexible at low temperatures.

Like TPU, TPA is resistant to oils and greases. This is one of the reasons why TPA is regularly used in industrial applications and for dynamic seals.

Because TPA is based on PA12, this material is very suitable for high temperatures.

Typical properties of TPA are:

  • Temperature application range: -40°C to +160°C
  • Hardness: 60 Shore A tot 70 Shore D
  • Resistance to oils: very good
  • Resistance to acids: good
  • Resistance to alkalis: good
  • Resistance to ageing (ozone): good

TPA for your application?

There are several types of TPA that have specific properties. In order to make optimal use of these material properties, it is important that the choice of material is made as early as the development phase. Contact our material specialists directly and let them help you with your material selection.

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