New construction De Beer Breidenbach

After particularly strong growth, it was in 2018 clear to the management that further growth within De Beer Breidenbach’s 2 locations was no longer possible. This constellation was not efficient, and expansion of new machinery was no longer possible.

After intensive discussions with the town council, in the course of 2019 we were offered a 23,000m² plot, right in between the two sites, which still had to be developed. Together with the architect, the owners started the construction planning and conceptual design, the financing of the new building was taken in hand and in February 2020, the building permit was secured.

However, the outbreak of the pandemic brought so much uncertainty that it was decided to put the plans on hold for the time being and the planned construction start in April 2020 was cancelled.

Ready to go
In the autumn of 2020, however, it emerged that the company had weathered the crisis well: with no reduction in working hours, no support from the state.  The plans were again revived, land was purchased, and by early 2021 we were “ready to go”.

When new measures promoting sustainable and carbon-neutral new buildings were published by the German government in February, it was decided to completely reconsider the entire energy concept and make the new building completely fossil-free.

We achieve the so-called KFW40 standard for energy efficiency, indicating that we use max 40% of the energy of comparable buildings. We are therefore ready for the future in all respects!

On 10.7.2021, the first spade was put into the ground and the first ground work began.

Final Phase
We are now in the final phase and are still on schedule, despite the pandemic and despite geopolitical effects on the market in terms of raw materials and material availability.

The new building offers the injection moulding and tool making production and storage areas of almost 7000 sq m on 2 floors and a 4-storey office totalling 1400 sq m.

The moving is scheduled for November and December 2022.

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